Capitals Overtime


Five Questions With Carlson


John Carlson answers five questions about his Olympic Camp experience:

1. What was the coolest thing about the orientation camp?

JC: Some of the older guys who aren’t going to play came back this week to help out and it’s cool to hear their stories and it’s cool to see players that you play against and compete against all the time, it’s a good dynamic of all sorts of people.

2. Have you ever played on a team before that was this stacked with goalies?

JC: It’ll be tough to be on a team playing against these four goalies that’s for sure.

3. What’s one of the biggest challenges of Olympic Competition?

JC: You don’t get much time to prepare as a team and you need great guys to pull stuff together, so it’s a tough tournament in that sense.

4. Were the Olympics a big deal to you as a kid?

JC: I always watched the Olympics. It depended on what events were on and where the Olympics were, but we always watched.

5. If you could compete in any other Olympic sport, what would it be?

JC: Maybe skiing — I’ve always loved skiing — but I can’t really do that much anymore, so it’d be nice to get back into that.