Capitals Overtime

Feb 4

Intern Diary #2: The First Game


Things I Learned:

1)   George McPhee sometimes watches practice from a certain chair in the office that overlooks the ice. Do NOT sit in this chair. Even if it is very comfortable and conveniently placed.

2)   Interview subjects will not always be where you think they will be. Find them.

3)   When standing around awkwardly in the locker room, watch for sweaty projectiles (i.e. pads, jerseys, goalie pads).

While working during Sunday’s overtime win was an exhilarating experience, the tension wasn’t just on the ice.

Since starting this internship, I’ve only been around for practices as the team was mostly on the road. Sunday afternoon was my first test under game-time pressure. So while I was rooting for the Caps to bring a win home after almost a month without victory in D.C. (Jan. 10 vs. Toronto), I couldn’t help but be distracted by my own anxiety.

My boss, James Heuser, had assigned me with covering the visiting locker room after the game. It didn’t require that I actually open my mouth and ask questions, but I did have to put a camera in the face of the likes of Henrik Zetterberg and Jimmy Howard. That video would then go out to the world wide web.

No pressure.

Initially, things went not horribly. I white-balanced, the audio was fine, I hit record. Too wide on the shot, but I tend to go big when uncertain.

First came Zetterberg, then Howard and finally, Gustav Nyquist after scoring a hat trick in Detroit’s losing effort. That left Mike Babcock.

Now, if you go to the postgame notes, you’ll notice that the Red Wings’ coach is missing. See #2. Not my proudest moment, but it was my first time. I’m trying not to beat myself up too much. Here is the visiting locker room video:

Besides that, I got to see the Caps beat the Red Wings, so the afternoon turned out alright.