Capitals Overtime


Caps’ Gold Medal Predictions

Interviews and photos by Taylor Lewis

With the overwhelming Canadian presence in the Capitals locker room, it’s not hard to find support for our northern brethren in the upcoming gold medal game between Canada and Sweden.
Ignoring my All-American depression, I asked some Canadian Caps three questions after practice today about tomorrow:

What will be the final score?

Who will have the game-winning goal?

Have you any words of comfort for us poor Americans?


Brooks Laich

Final score: 2-0

GWG: Corey Perry, Empty-netter from Patrice Bergeron

Comforting words: “None, none whatsoever.”


Eric Fehr

Final score: 2-1

GWG: Corey Perry

Comforting words: (it was during second intermission of the bronze medal game when I asked, USA was down 2-0) “This probably isn’t gonna comfort you guys a lot, but you were up 2-0 on Team Canada in the women’s hockey with two-and-a-half minutes left, we came back and won. So technically, the Americans can probably do that to Finland.” (Spoiler alert: They didn’t.)


Jay Beagle

Final score: 3-2

GWG: Ryan Getlaf

Comforting words: (sitting next to Fehr) “That’s very good words of advice. Well said, I can’t top that.”


Joel Ward

Final score: 3-2 in overtime

GWG: Jonathan Toews on a breakaway (“I just visualized it!”)

Comforting words: “It was a good run…I really thought, the way they started playing the round robin that they would be a pretty good contender to win it all.”


Tom Wilson

Final score: 3-1

GWG: Patrice Bergeron

Comforting words: “[America] is a great hockey nation. And fourth’s not that bad.”